- Cullman, Alabama

August 10, 2013

Support school officials in prayer issue

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — I am writing in reference to the concern about School Superintendent Billy Coleman. The seven families that are causing such a fuss have the choice to send their children to a public school or a different institution. This was given by the state lawmakers and Gov. Bentley as it was signed into law. If they are so upset and disturbed by the prayer on school lawns and the people of Cullman County standing behind Mr. Coleman, then don’t attend. That is their choice. No one is forcing them to attend. This is a free will event. No student or participant is required or forced to attend. It is also being held on the front lawn of the schools, in compliance with state law. I wonder why people from here would get another state get so worked up about an event happening all the way down in Alabama? Why do they ask others to fight their battles?

Why bother to create such a stir, when common sense dictates that one doesn’t like it, one doesn’t have to attend? Why try to mess with the rights of we Alabamians to practice our religion? We have this right and exercise it, no one should try to take it away. Its just creating problems where none existed.

We Christians sat meekly by while prayer was removed from the schools. Now we have more violence in the schools than ever nationwide. Back then, school systems taught what children needed to learn. Nowadays, teachers have so many restrictions put on them. They are unable to effectively teach because they cannot correct a student when needed and are often abused by students who disrupt the teaching process. There is a lot of disorder in our classrooms - this is why we pray.

Jesus stood up for us and gave us a better way of life - we are just trying to pass this on. Who else will stand up for our children, educators and staff? There are quite a few soldiers who fought for us to have religious freedom, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. I encourage Cullman County to stand up for what is right, show your support for the schools’ officials and the children who attend our schools.

Carol Oden

Chair, Alabama Silver-Haired Legislature, Area 11