- Cullman, Alabama

August 8, 2013

Mission accomplished

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Our year of celebrating the 100th anniversary (July 14,1913) of the laying of the cornerstone of our present Church building in downtown Cullman has concluded at Sacred Heart of Jesus! The numerous events of the past year have been wonderful accomplishments for our parish family and for the local community as well.

We certainly appreciate all the support the Times has given us in promoting each special centennial event as well as our other activities during the normal course of our parish and Sacred Heart School “life.”

Many individuals in our Church planned, researched, worked, cooked, cleaned up and developed deeper friendships and religious devotion as each event successfully came and went. Everyone is to be commended for their dedication in celebrating the historic 136 year history of the Parish. Pastor Father Patrick Egan's initial thoughts surrounding the proposed celebration were that he hoped the congregation would be able to look back at the roots of Sacred Heart of Jesus, and seeing all that had been accomplished by those who came before, would help the present parishioners to look forward with strength and fortitude to all the tomorrows facing our church community.

I think the original German founding families of our church would be proud of their descendents today -— and another 100 years from now, we will be the ancestors to the parish members of 2113!

When Curt Thomas, Chairman of the Centennial Committee, the individual organization chairs for each event, and Fr. Patrick initially began their work on the plans for the year long commemoration, Fr. Patrick set two goals for the celebration: He first wanted our parish family to be able to say with a heart full of praise "Tharik you, Jesus, for our Sacred Heart! Lead us onward to the future!" And then he added with his ever present smile, "Let's have a lot of fun together, too!"

Mission accomplished!