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Letters to the Editor

May 23, 2012

Give Christian school an opportunity

CULLMAN —  I just watched a story on CBS/42 that the Cullman Christian School will not be able to build their new school on property they bought on Convent Road. One would think for the growth of the City of Cullman to happen and to get families to move here, the city would want to offer quality education that a private school could offer. Some of the residents on that road complain there might be too much congestion.

Well, if they think their property value will go down, I disagree with that statement. Property values could increase if they really think about it. A quality school brings higher caliber people to the area where a great school is located. Growth never happens if you hold out just to keep your community quiet. How is it that this location is bad by the planning board of the city and when Cullman Primary was being put into the neighborhood at Cullman High School it was not a problem. That school put more congestion onto stadium drive and you never heard it getting turned down for anything. Maybe because the Christian school is giving competition is a reason they can't build. You know, they really were impacted on April 27, 2011, when Eastside Baptist Church was demolished. Where is the compassion for these kids to get a good education and for the parents to know they are doing their best to offer it to them? I ask the planning board to revisit the turned down request for this school. If they do not get approved to stay in the city on their property, then I hope they do deannex.

It’s a shame the mayor and city council can't get more involved to make this work. It’s not like they are bringing crime to the area I'm speaking about. I see they wear uniforms and have a grooming standard probably better than any school in the entire county or city system. I have no children attending this school and I'm a county resident, too, so my words may just go into a waste basket or deleted file. I want the administrators, teachers, parents, and students to know I will be praying for their success in this endeavor. I would also like for others to voice their thoughts on this subject. Come on, city of Cullman, open your hearts for a good cause, give them an opportunity to excel for the good of the community.

 Charles R. Kent


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