- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

November 5, 2012

Good financial advise found in past

CULLMAN — The Ancients have shared their wisdom with us through proverbs. Throughout the ages the human family has benefited from this wisdom. The wise took note and profited, the foolish ignored and continued in their folly. Several Jewish proverbs speak volumns to those who will hear. One proverb says "the wise desire treasure but the foolish spendeth it up." Another tells us "there is wealth and luxury in having wisdom but fools spend everything up." Still another advises us to "take advise from the ant." The wisdom behind this proverb is that while it is tempting to be lazy a wise man gets up and goes to work.

The Ancients warned against borrowing, "be a loaner but never a borrower be." The wisdom is that the lender becomes the head and the borrower the tail. To borrow takes one down low because The borrower becomes servant to the lender. There will always-come a day the loan must be repaid.  Failure to repay means loss of belongings. Therefore, being the tail can have tragic results.

To fail to plan for your dream and finance it by borrowing is irresponsible. Borrowing to make the dream possible makes the borrower servant to the lender. If the loan is forfeited the lender owns the dream. The President has borrowed vast sums from China to finance his socialist agenda. Will China one day own the American dream?

George Malin


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