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November 5, 2012

Reader says vote ‘no’ on section 16 amendment

CULLMAN — Vote “no” on proposed local amendment number one: I oppose proposed local amendment number one because it gives the Cullman County Board of Education authority to sell hundreds of acres of public land and 25,000 feet of the most magnificent shoreline you have ever seen. Before you cast your ballot, I implore you to visit my personal website to see pictures of this amazing natural landscape and judge for yourself if it is worth saving:

While talking to people about this important issue I discovered a misconception. Some people think the amendment is just about redirecting the funds generated from the current use of the land so they go to local schools instead of being spread throughout the state; and they believe the land will remain the beautiful green space it is today. Oh, if only that were true.

In the Sept. 24 Cullman Times’ article, Superintendent Billy Coleman refers to getting his hands on this property as a windfall. You can’t have a windfall unless you sell land. He goes on to discuss sacrificing the stunning natural landscape and replacing it with a golf course or stores.  

Coleman talks about what he’s going to do with his big windfall. He’s spending 10 percent of it off the top. He’d like to save the other 90 percent, and just spend the interest; but there is nothing in the bill to restrict the Board from selling the land and squandering the income. How long do you think politicians can hold on to a pot of money without spending it? The money will dwindle away until there’s nothing left. No, I say! This land belongs to our grandchildren’s children, and it should be preserved for them. Vote “no” on proposed local amendment one.

Peggy Hill


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