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Letters to the Editor

August 6, 2012

Ashamed of beer's name

CULLMAN — Ashamed of (beer) name: Just wanted to reply to an article in the Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012, edition of The Cullman Times, concerning the state’s OK of selling the beer named Dirty Bastard: This is so utterly nasty sounding I could hardly believe what I was reading. And to think we have these type of state officials overseeing such trash is disgusting.

We elect these officials, put them in office and then they betray us — the decent people of our great state of Alabama, for such a trashy product name. No wonder the state officials couldn’t be reached for a comment!

We, as Christian people, should not have to see such deplorable language on drink bottles, cans or anything else on our store’s shelves. The beer company that makes this brand should be ashamed. Do they not care about our children, grandchildren and even their family members seeing this name on their product?

What are the people in our state offices doing by first rejecting to sell this beer and then turning around and okaying its sale in our state? I do not understand, nor do I approve! I pray that God will see fit to intervene in this matter and remove it from everyone’s sight, off the shelves!

I also ask anyone and everyone with any human dignity to not purchase this particular product, because of the name “Dirty Bastard.”

Some of you may or may not know what the dictionary defines as a bastard? Think strongly about this: It is a child born out of wedlock. This is what I am referring to, that makes me upset! I feel sure some of you might think this is a cool name. But it is so very wrong. I would like to thank The Cullman Times for bringing this to the people’s attention — keep up the good work you’re doing!

Mavelene Johns


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