- Cullman, Alabama

July 4, 2012

Worst decision ever: Of any Supreme Court

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — In my opinion this decision by the supreme court, could not have been any more clear, realizing that congress has the right to control interstate commerce between the states, but never have I heard of a portion of the freedom document that allows the Federal Government To force The people to take part in commerce so that they will have something new to regulate.

Chief Justice Roberts exceeded his authority, in my opinion, by changing the indivdual mandate, to say it was a tax, to all those who refuse to buy, insurance from the feds. But this tax is forced only on those who refuse to cooperate. This mandate appears to be discriminatory to me if it is a tax all people should have to pay it not just those who refuse to take part in the interstate commerce that Obamacare mandates. Also it is not the job of the supreme court to write law, which is what Roberts did by making that change, he should have sent it back to the congress and said it won't be legal as is, but not have told the foolish congress the problem with the 2000+page bill. We as a nation have just witnessed the end of a great and free nation! Where can we go to find a free and decent population of preople who will fight for the dreams of free peope everywhere; there is none left upon this earth! God help us everyone!   

James Rhodes