- Cullman, Alabama

December 29, 2013

Thankful for community

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — We all should be so thankful for living in a community like Cullman. We have the most caring and concerned people for our children, seniors and anyone in need. I was truly blessed to be a small part of the Shop With A Cop project. I helped Matt Schlosser and Adam Clark raise the funds to finance the project. In doing so, I called on about 16 businesses to seek sponsors for the children. To sponsor one child costs $250. Out of all I called on, only one business did not sponsor a child.

Our hats should be off to the Cullman City Police, especially Matt and Adam for undertaking such a project. Thanks to the many volunteers who gave of their time on Saturday before Christmas to take the children to Walmart and K-Mart to shop for clothes and toys. Each child got to spend $300 on themselves.

After shopping, they were treated to Fun Zone for about an hour just having a blast. After Fun Zone, they went back to the police station for a nice lunch.

Chief Culpepper and myself were keeping up with 14 primary school children. That was a real challenge; however, we didn’t lose one, but it was a very worthwhile effort. To see smiles on their faces as they talked about the coat or toy they just bought made my day.

After it was all over, I was the one who received the most from this project. I was able to see both of my daughters, two grandchildren and a son-in-law all involved as volunteers helping the children. It touches my heart to see them involved with this project.

I encourage all to get involved in some project next year that focuses on helping the less fortunate children. I guarantee you’ll be blessed. Thank you again to all the Cullman City Police Officers, sponsors and volunteers.

Gene Crutchfield