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December 29, 2013

Check out local history

CULLMAN — Check out local history

I recently visited the Crooked Creek Civil War Museum near West Point. Holy History, Batman! How many Americans have a real civil war battlefield right in their own home county? We do.

Fred Wise owns the place and has he got a story to tell! The battle between Union troops and the Confederate cavalry, led by the famous Nathan Bedford Forrest, happened on his property. He tells you about it in front of a roaring fireplace in the mid-1800s Vinemont Stagecoach Way Station Cabin he now resides in. A second 1830s cabin, next to it, was moved there from Somerville, hometown of Confederate General James Longstreet, who lived there at that time.

The museum contains a photo and article on a local Crane Hill boy who fought in the battle, an actual uniform of the time from West Point (military academy), civil war rifles, pistols, canons, canon balls, bullets and equipment, some of which were recovered on the property. Fred has an amazing collection of Civil War saddles and will tell you about all the flags of the Confederacy, including a battle flag from Mississippi. A display table allows you to see how the battle took place and then you can walk it to see the actual gun pits and bullet holes in the rocks. I am a military history fan and have been to many museums. I can tell you that Cullman County has a very good one right here at home.

If you are a history teacher in the city or county, a visit here with your students should be a must! Our kids need to hear about and see their history and heritage. All of us do. Fred makes it both easy and fun. Visit the website of the Crooked Creek Civil War Museum near West Point High School; or contact Mr. Wise at 256-739-2741. Have you lived here all your life and missed seeing this? Wow. Seriously? Go check it out!

Ken Brown


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