- Cullman, Alabama

September 17, 2012

Don’t believe the polls

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — I have to laugh at the mainstream media. They are desperate to keep this presidential race close. They have polls to prove it, designed to depress those of us rooting for a new President. Now, with unemployment stuck above 8 percent for 42 months, millions out of work, average household income down $4k a year, the national debt tripled under Obama, the Middle East on fire, Obama dissing Israel, and Obama and Biden committing one gaffe after another, we are supposed to believe that Obama is surging.

You know that Independents wait to decide late and always break in favor of the challenger. It isn’t even October yet and Romney leads with them by 15 points. The liberal media are polling adults and registered voters, many of whom won’t vote this year. If you get into the details of the mainstream polls, nearly all are over sampling Democrats, which naturally slants the results. So, the latest liberal CBS/New York Times poll has Obama leading Romney by three points. Rasmussen is only polling “likely” voters, equally divided by party, and has Romney leading Obama by three points in the same week. averages out all the major polls, most of which are “liberal”. Even so, this week, look at how the incumbent President is doing in the key battleground states with most polls in the tank for him: (Remember 3 points is the margin of error) Ohio/Obama up 4, Colorado/Obama up 3.7, Wisconsin/Obama up 1.4, Florida/Obama up 1.3, Virginia/Obama up 0.3, and North Carolina/Romney up 5. Even with the media in the tank for him, the polling has the battleground states within the margin of error! Even in Missouri, home of Todd Akin, the self destructing Republican Senate candidate, Romney now leads by 7.3.

Ken Brown, Chairman

Cullman County Republican Party