- Cullman, Alabama

Letters to the Editor

August 9, 2012

To the person who dumps dogs

CULLMAN — We found three dogs, two solid black and one with white blaze on face and white tip on tail, they were of lab mix breed. Someone dumped these animals in the country, getting rid of their problem and making one for the people they were dumped on. You think that they will be adopted, fed and watered. What happens when 99 percent of these dogs is they either get run over, die of starvation, get shot for running chickens to feed themselves or die from exposure from heat or cold.

You don’t think of this when you get rid of your problem, but you put a burden on the person who has to do something to solve it. We have chosen not to have a pet, needless to say we do not feed yours. We love animals and we can’t stand to watch an animal suffer, but they do suffer when they are so afraid to even come out to eat or drink. Can you understand going without water or food in 100-degree heat, what that does to an animal? They suffer!

If you have an animal, be responsible for that animal! Have it neutered or spayed or take care of your own problems instead of dumping the on other people to dispose of.

It takes a real winner to do this to an innocent and trusting animal.

Pat Moore

Trimble-Crane Hill

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Letters to the Editor