- Cullman, Alabama

September 17, 2012

Vote 'yes' Tuesday

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — For 100 years, Children’s Aid Society has protected and promoted the well-being of Alabama’s children. Experience has taught us that our biggest challenges can be best solved through a “both-and approach”, versus an “either-or” approach. We must address the immediacy of critical issues and simultaneously seek long term solutions so that we will not face the same problems again. To that end, Children’s Aid Society joins Governor Bentley and many other citizens, groups, and businesses from both the public and private sector in encouraging Alabamians to vote “yes” to the constitutional amendment to utilize funds from the Alabama Trust Fund for the next several years to provide essential care for our young and old. This special referendum takes place Tuesday, Sept. 18. We also commit to holding our state leaders accountable for having the vision and the courage to make long term changes that are necessary for Alabama’s future.

We are acutely aware that our children will have immediate and life threatening consequences if we do not find a short-term solution to the crisis at hand, which in this case, means passing the amendment before us on Sept. 18. Our children do not choose to be sick.  Our children do not choose to be born into families who cannot support them. Our children do not choose to go hungry or to be denied opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our children do not choose to be exploited in any way by their caregivers. 

Our children are relying on us to do the both/and, which is to protect them now and to promote laws and policies that will help them to live well in the years to come. Our children are relying on us in this crisis we face. We must not fail them.

Gayle Watts

Executive Director, Children’s Aid Society