- Cullman, Alabama

October 7, 2012

Simple online search leads family to Cullman

By Loretta Gillespie
The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Both Angie Harville and her husband, Carl, were born and raised in Moulton. They have always loved Lawrence County for its quaint, Southern country atmosphere and sense of community, but not too long ago the time came when they had to make the decision to move.

“We loved our home in Lawrence County, but our daughter and grandbaby live in Cullman, so we decided to move to be closer to them,” said Angie.

The couple also has a son, Cody, who is living in Tuscaloosa, so it would put them an hour closer to him, too.

Their daughter, Cassey, googled Cullman to see what it had to offer. What got her attention the most was the rating for the school system. “We were delighted to find that Cullman is rated as the best place to raise your kids,” said Angie. “We could drive the short distance to visit every other day, or we could move closer, so that when we go to bed at night we would know that if something happened we were just five minutes away,” explained Angie.

“My daughter Cassey married James Harris who is from Cullman. He wanted to move back home,” said Angie. “He has two more daughters: Alex, the middle one, lives in Cullman and Ivy, the oldest, lives in Moulton.”

“We love spending time with all the girls. Cassey told James when he asked her to move here, ‘only if my mamma and daddy come too,’” laughed Angie.“I told her, ‘Go ahead and move and after a year if you still love it we will sell our house and move there’.”

 James and Cassey wanted her parents to live in the same subdivision where they live, as did his mother, so that they would all be within walking distance. “We liked the West Point area because it was on our way back to Moulton and was very close to them.”  

“I prayed for God to lead us to the house that was right for us,” Angie recalled.

“This wasn’t our first choice, but it was the one God saw fit for us to have. This owner had only lived here one year after building the house and had been relocated to Kentucky. We made an offer. It was accepted, and since our buyer needed in our house very quickly, we were able to move in this one within two weeks.”

“We still go to our church in Moulton, at New Liberty in the Loosier community, because they are our extended family and we are a very close-knit church group,” she said.

 Angie works at the Moulton Post Office and has thought about a transfer. “As of right now Cullman doesn’t have an opening,” she explained. A seventeen-year veteran of the Post Office, Angie says that the USPO doesn’t have much room for promotions anymore.  

Carl works at Ascend Performance (formerly Solutia) in Decatur. He has a little farther to drive, but he has a good company to work for so he will continue his drive which is not far compared to what some people drive for a good job.  

“I love shopping in Cullman, So far my favorite places have been TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby and Lowes, because of decorating. I have learned the joy of distressing furniture, so I visit Lowes and Hobby Lobby for that reason and home decor at TJ Maxx,” said Angie.

“Cullman has the best TJ Maxx I have ever been to,” she exclaimed. “I can’t wait to go downtown and visit all the shops there. I have driven by, looking in windows but, right now my free time has been so limited.”

 Angie has fibromyalgia and decided to put a message on Facebook asking for a recommendation for a massage therapist. None of her friends had any experience with anyone in Cullman.

About that time, Cassey and James bought a membership at Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center so their girls could swim during the cold months. “I went for a visit and loved what I saw,” said Angie. “Cassey received a gift certificate from James for Mother’s Day at Cullman Massage Therapy. Cassey booked her appointment with Melody, and afterward she called and told me she was awesome. I called and made an appointment and went to see Melody and I agreed she is awesome.” Angie’s doctor advised her to go for therapy for her joint pain. Later, she told him that she had joined Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center and wanted to try that to strengthen her muscles. “This place has the nicest employees ever, they are there to cheer up your day and help you in any way,” said Angie. “It helped me, I just wish I was able to spend more time there.”

Angie was delighted when she learned that The Aquatic Center has a massage therapist. “I received a gift certificate for my birthday, and it really helped. Courtney is a great massage therapist.”

“The only reason I drive anywhere else to shop is for my couponing hobby,” she laughed. “Publix is my number one place for couponing. I like to buy at the best price possible whether it be for groceries, clothing or a Coach purse,” she said emphatically.  

“The only problem I have had here in Cullman has been with some of the county roads,’ said Angie candidly. “We have moved our voter registration and need to find out who we need to talk to about this, but if this is our only problem with Cullman, you can see that the good certainly outweighs the bad.”

“Cullman has so much to offer, always some kind of activities going on,” she enthusiastically. “There are still so many parks we are ready to go and visit. We have been to Sportsman’s Lake. Our grandbaby, Kaylen, loves to take bread there and feed the ducks.”

 “Once we get all our work done and get settled in we plan to get out and explore Cullman more. Carl is an avid deer hunter and would love to find a good hunting club to join here.”

The Harville's have been impressed with Cullman as a whole. They especially enjoy the beautiful drive this time of year since the fall color has started to show in the leaves.

Angie and her family are becoming a part of the West Point community, meeting people and learning what a special place Cullman County really is. She often remarks that Melody at A.J.'s Steakhouse welcomes them with a sweet smile. "And we have Brandin' Iron just down the road, which has a great atmosphere and great steaks also!" she smiled.