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April 8, 2012

Rogers moves into stardom, maintains faith

CULLMAN — Katie Beth Rogers was born Nov. 14, 1991.

For her mom and dad, Terry and Dana Lindley Rogers, she was their miracle baby. They had been through three miscarriages before being able to carry Katie to full term.

“My most memorable time of her was when she was around three years old,” recalled Dana. “We were at church at Good Hope Assembly and the pastor had given the altar call. No one came. I looked down and saw that Katie had left my side. Then I looked up to see her walking to the front of the church where she knelt down at the pulpit, bowed her little head, put her hands together and started to pray.”

The altar began to fill up. “There wasn’t a person left standing. I knew then that there was something special about her,” said Dana.

Dana began entering Katie Beth in pageants as a toddler. One of the first regional pageants she won was Little Miss Alabama in Montgomery. In addition to the title crown that day, Katie brought home several savings bonds and numerous gifts.  

She progressed in the pageant arena until her elementary years, bringing home more titles, but around the age of six she decided it wasn’t fun anymore and decided she’d much rather ride four-wheelers with her dad on Saturdays.

She graduated from West Point High School in 2010. She was active in sports, playing basketball and cheering.

Katie started modeling and acting at the age of 17. She’s been in numerous music videos, modeled for clothing companies all over the United States and done runway modeling. She was the official model for Dirty Shirty Clothing Company in their print/online marketing in 2008 and currently works for them.

She was the 2009 official model for Manuel Francisco Models of California.

Katie was also a featured model for the following magazines in 2008-09: Hot Stuff Magazine, Super Fashion Magazine in the United Kingdom, Vintage Retro Shorts Company in online/print, Dirty Gator Clothing Company in South Carolina, Dolo Clothing Company of Florida, Raw Talent Clothing Company of South Carolina, and Caramente Clothing Company, which is based in New Jersey.

She did runway modeling for the following shows in 2009-10-11: Precious Formals Fashion Show at the Atlanta Mart, in Atlanta, GA. Fashion Week Alabama in Huntsville in 2011, and she was the winner of Model Search contest in Hot Stuff Magazine’s December 2009 issue.

Katie was cast in a featured role in an independent feature film titled “Noccalula” in January of 2010, and was a featured model in the Capitol Records recording of artist Eric Church’s music video for the song “Hell On The Heart” in February of 2010.

She was given the lead role in the feature film, “Holy Walker,” in 2010, and was the JL Photography’s Model Of  The Year, also in 2010.

Katie attended the Mark Sellers Professional Actors Studio Master Class Studies in July 2010, and later that year was given a supporting role in the feature film, “Code 207.”

 One of her favorite roles was as an extra in the Cameron Diaz movie, “What To Expect When Your Expecting,” which was filmed last year in Atlanta.

She earned a featured extra roll in “Vampire Diaries” on the CW Network in 2011, and the lead role in a faith based movie short film called “Horizontal Vertical” with producer Kevin Wayne.

In 2009, Katie was the featured model in Sony Records Artist, Mat Kearney’s music video for the song, “All I Have.”

 Katie has also hosted several benefit shows, and was chosen as co-hostess for the “After The Storm” benefit concert in Huntsville for tornado victims in May 2011.      

At the age of 19, the blonde-haired, hazel-eyed young lady is a striking beauty. She most recently played a murder victim in Kevin Bacon’s upcoming Fox series (presently untitled) about a serial killer. Katie spent the day covered in fake blood and artificial cut wounds. The episode was filmed in Decatur, Georgia.

“I’ve had such great experiences on set getting to meet other actors,” said Katie. “Getting covered in fake blood was the most fun. Working on set is hard, but most of the time a fun job, especially getting to meet people I never thought I’d get to meet. The downside is never knowing how much of your work will get cut because there’s no guarantee from the producers of these movies and videos just how many of your scenes will be in the finished product. However, the experience is worth it all,” said Katie.

Katie currently attends Wallace State Community College, where she will attain her degree as a registered nurse in August 2013.

Katie has enjoyed being hostess of the Wallace State College Student News. “It’s been great getting to have more experience in front of the camera,” she said. “At the same time it’s a service to other students, helping them to have access to more information about our college. Jesse Cobb has made the experience fun for us and has done a great job getting the information out. I’m currently working with Kiah Crider who has helped to make our news such a success.”

Katie plans to continue acting and modeling even after she graduates.

Betty Leeth Haynes has been very encouraging to Katie Beth. “She is just adorable,” said Haynes. “She is such a striking girl, and I look forward to her doing really well in both nursing and acting.”

When people say she will never make it or attempt to discourage her she always goes back to the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

 Katie says that it doesn’t matter how far she really makes it in this business, “I’ve already done so many things and met so many people that I never imagined I would. God has blessed me so much so far, who could ask for anything more?”

Katie and her family attend Daystar Church in Good Hope.

Recently she was involved in a group called “God Chicks,” which helped her to make amazing new friends who are always supportive of her and encourage her to hold her head up in any situation.

“My most memorable time lately was being in church and helping the victims of the tornado with food and necessities. I was amazed at how appreciative they were and hearing the stories they told broke my heart and made me want to do more,” she said. “To see how people in our community came together was amazing. I won’t ever forget a family who had lost everything. A clothing company I had modeled for donated several gift cards and my mother and I took them to Wal-Mart. All the little girl asked for was a backpack. When I told her to pick it out, you should have seen her face, her expression was priceless.”

Katie enjoys spending time at the lake in the summer and loves her job at Alabama Urgent Care in Cullman, where she enjoys learning more about her career in the medical field.

It is Katie’s intent to work with oncology patients, where she feels led after seeing her “Nanny,” Judy Lindley, pass away in 1998 from breast cancer. She wants to be able to help people, whether it be taking care of them medically, offering a timely word of encouragement or saying a special prayer with them.

“God has blessed me so far, there have always been ups and downs, and things or people who have tried to block the way, but I know without a doubt that God has control in the path that He’s leading me on and I look forward to what He has in store in the future,” said Katie.

Daystar Pastor Jerry Lawson has watched Katie Beth grow up. “Katie Rogers is a beautiful girl, both inside and out. What I find refreshing is that with all the accolades and attention she has drawn, she continues to be down to earth and committed to the Christian ethics with which she has been raised.”

“I have an amazing Christian family that supports me in all that I do and helped instill in me the Christian morals and values I have today,” said Katie. “I’m so thankful for that.”

Katie Beth’s role models reflect her beliefs and her career choices. “My mother has been my role model all my life,” she said. “I wouldn’t be who I am today if she hadn’t raised me by giving me a good Christian role model to follow.”

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