- Cullman, Alabama


July 26, 2013

FILM: 'The Wolverine': Logan's curse is our blessing


But forget all that.

There's nothing particularly heavy about "The Wolverine." That is, other than a suit of souped-up samurai armor that's made of the same indestructible metal as Wolverine's retractable claws. Surely you've seen the image in all the bus-shelter ads?

No? Then you're clearly not paying attention. Everyone else who has been will not be disappointed, least of all by the closing-credits teaser. For the love of all that is mutant, you'll want to stay for a glimpse of what promises to be not only a deeply satisfying resurrection of the Wolverine, but certain other beloved characters, in next year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Three and a half out of four stars. PG-13. Contains action violence, some obscenity and brief sensuality. 131 minutes. Currently showing at Carmike 10 in Cullman.

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