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February 1, 2014

10 things to love about ‘Puppy Bowl’


9. Puppy fun facts

The Animal Planet website has some extra material for Puppy Bowl superfans, including some witty puppy bios. Cody, a spaniel, "Thinks fatherhood has mellowed Kanye." Max, a Shih Tzu, "Wants One Direction and The Wanted to just get along." Tyga, a pit bull, "knows what the fox says."

10. Ginger

Bound to be this year's most entertaining player, the Richard Sherman of the Puppy Bowl. The Old English Sheepdog mix is in the water bowl, she's biting the ref's socks, she's all over the place.

‰ "Puppy Bowl X" begins Sunday on Animal Planet and will be repeated. Check local listings for specific times.

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