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February 1, 2014

10 things to love about ‘Puppy Bowl’


4. Keyboard Cat

Okay, so it's not really Keyboard Cat. The original play-'em-off feline, Fatso, passed away decades ago (the popular YouTube video came from footage taken in the '80s). But there will be a cat, wearing a shirt and playing a keyboard for the halftime performance — except the cat will be playing a Bruno Mars song with considerably less charm than the meme's original ditty. Close enough? Poor Fatso is probably spinning in his grave.

5. A parachuting kitten

The big stunts aren't just for the Super Bowl. This year's halftime show will also parachute a kitten onto the field. An early video preview of this moment reveals that the kitten seems annoyed to be strapped into its safety harness but gamely tolerates being lowered gently onto the field before booking it over to the scratching post with the rest of his pals. And remember, folks: Last year, we discovered the doping scandal of the Puppy Bowl world — there's catnip on that field.

6. The snacks

Can't decide what to serve for your Puppy Bowl party? Georgetown Cupcake has you covered. And since your pet can't eat chocolate, there are plenty of websites offering recipes for Rover and Mister Tickles to enjoy.

7. Puppy selfies

Submit yours on Instagram using the hashtag #puppybowl, and you might find your pup on TV.

8. The "Too Cute" cam

One of last year's additions to the Puppy Bowl was a super-high-speed camera that created slow-motion shots of the puppies romping. It's been branded as the "Too Cute" camera now, and it's the best way to see all of those wagging tails and floppy ears. Expect to see it used to great effect throughout the show (and to be the source of the most GIF-worthy material of the night).

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