- Cullman, Alabama

November 27, 2013

How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey

The Cullman Times

HANCEVILLE — Holly Pirkle’s second-grade class at Hanceville Elementary offered up some turkey recipes for our Thanksgiving dinners. Here is what they had to say:

I will get a turkey and take it home. Next put it in the oven and cook it for two hours. Then cut it open. Then take the meat out and clean the turkey body. Last put the meat back in the turkey body then eat.

By Darrius H.

First, take a turkey from the farm. Then kill the turkey by chopping off its head. Then take out the body parts. Cook the heart and liver if you want to. Next cook the turkey. Before cooking, apply beer. Next let it drain the blood and juice out and after you eat the turkey, drink it. Now put the turkey on a big plate. Cut it into different sizes for different kinds of people. I prefer all the skin. Take the leftovers and put them on a separate plate. Save the rest of the non-used turkey for the kids. Also use these steps for chicken.

By Adrian H.


First I make the dressing. Second I will cook the turkey and then I will stuff the turkey. Then I will make the pies and the ham.

By Cameron M.


I will cook it for 2 hours. I will put ranch dressing on it. I will put hot sauce on it. I put barbeque on it. Then I will put jalapeno sauce on it. And the last I will put conlik.

By Tanner H.


I will buy a turkey from the store. I will cook it. You bake it on 6 minutes. You have a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

By Caiden R.

1. Put the turkey in the oven. Put it in the oven until it is not pink. 2. Make the stuffing out of the turkey. 3. Put the stuffing in a bowl. Put ketchup in it. Stir it up.

By Kyla R.

I go to the store to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. I put the turkey in the oven for two minutes. I share with my friends.

By L.J.

I would put it on the grill. I would put it for 45 minutes. I would put salt on it. I would eat it after.

By Nathan H.

I will put it in the oven. I will put paper on the turkey. Then I will put it on a plate. I would put some broccoli and cheese and salad and mashed potatoes. My daddy helps me.

By Miaonna W.

I am getting a turkey for Thanksgiving. First I go to the store and get a turkey. Then I cook the turkey for two minutes. Next I get it out of the oven. Finally I call my friends over.

By Bryanna M.

I go to the store and buy a turkey. I take it home and put it in the oven for 2 hours. Take it out and put the season on it and invite my friends over and eat it.


If I get a turkey, I’ll get it in the woods. I’ll cook it an hour. When it’s done, we stuff it. Then we eat.

By Zachary J.

Let it defrost overnight. 2. Season it. 3. Put a timer in it. 4. Cook! (Then eat!)

By Abbie A.

Let it defrost 2 nights. Season it. Put a timer. I cook minute in the oven.

By Levi R.

1. Put pepper and salt. 2. Cook it for 3 hours. 3. Lemon pepper. 4. Then eat it.

By Chase C.

I am going to get it from the woods. I am going to put it in my stove. I will put salt on it. I will cook it 509 minutes.

By Titus S.

Catch a turkey not alive. Put it on the grill. Turn it on. Cut it up. Put sauce on it. Put it in a microwave for 207. Eat it.

By Lexi B.

Thaw it out. Put beer in it. Put it in the oven.

By Aidan T.