- Cullman, Alabama


May 1, 2013


 The Cullman Times is proud to introduce to you our new food page in the Wednesday print edition. In keeping with Southern traditions, we will sometimes bring you foods that are familiar, that your family will love, that are easy to prepare, with ingredients that you can not only find in local stores and farmers markets, but that you can pronounce.

Sometimes we will feature selections from our own Taste of Cullman cookbooks, filled with award-winning recipes from local cooks. Occasionally we will feature local chefs with new creations, and sometimes we will ask for your favorite recipes.

This page will be fun, informative and a resource you can turn to for information and ideas. Along with recipes, we will frequently include meal plans and creative table settings to showcase your culinary masterpiece.

Please send recipes, along with a photo of yourself and a good, clear shot of your dish, if you have one, to When we feature a page where your recipe fits, we will be happy to include it. Please send us your phone number or an email address in case we have a question about the ingredients or your method of preparation.

Our first edition includes recipes from various Taste of Cullman cookbooks, which are available at The Cullman Times for $5 each.

This week we will feature brunch recipes. We hope they will inspire you to try them and let us know how your family enjoys brunch.

This time of year makes for perfect outdoor dining, especially in the mornings. It’s just cool enough for comfort, and a great time for everyone to gather on a lazy Saturday morning for brunch on the patio or deck.

From the pages of the Taste of Cullman collection of cookbooks come dishes that you can whip up the night before, or ones that take very little time so that you can enjoy a relaxing meal and some family time, or read the paper without stressing over a hot stove and a messy kitchen.

Come on, grab a cup of coffee and browse through some new recipes and some old family favorites.

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