- Cullman, Alabama


April 27, 2013

MUSIC REVIEW: Rock gets brutal as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Knife boost volume


"Shaking the Habitual," by Swedish electronic act the Knife, is an over-ambitious 96-minute sprawl. The track "Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized" crosses the 19-minute mark and even the single "Full of Fire" lasts for nine. It's not as catchy as its predecessor, "Silent Shout."

Phoenix looks set to break out of cult status, having headlined the Coachella Festival in California this month and released "Bankrupt!"

The Frenchmen were long eclipsed by their friends in Daft Punk and Air. They could give the Knife some lessons on economy, packing 10 catchy tracks into 40 minutes.

The cover of Nick Cave's "Push the Sky Away" was branded sexist in some Twitter posts because it shows the fully-clad singer and a naked woman. Cave was quick to point out that the model is his wife and it was part of a magazine fashion shoot.

Now that the fuss has died down, the CD itself can be judged a worthwhile reunion with the Bad Seeds, more considered and less rushed than other recent outings. "Jubilee Street" is Cave's best song in years. Not all of them are this good.

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