- Cullman, Alabama


October 25, 2013

Haunted Trails of Terror: Prepare to jump

For all the scream seekers out there, The Times has set out to tour some of the local haunted houses, rides, and events to provide feedback to those looking for spellbinding, frightfully delightful destinations this Halloween season.

Haunted Trails of Terror

Located in Hanceville, Ala., for this attraction, the words edgy, home-grown and the movie Deliverance come to mind.

The Background: This outdoorsy scare tactic has been around for a while and is located in the heart of Cullman County where there is no where to run, only hide. Follow the handmade signs to your doom, they say.

The Reality: Off an old county dirt road, participants should plan to wind  through dark rooms, not knowing what awaits you in every corner. Prepare to jump at least once and possibly scream twice. You will recognize a horror movie scene or two, but we can’t forget to mention to avoid all the “sparks” that will fly. Walk and enjoy the scare, for if you run, they will follow, so beware.

Fun versus funds: A 10-12 minute tour costs a participant $12, for which Tiffeny and I gave the venue a thumbs up.

The Rating: Accumulating the outdoor and indoor mix, alongside the multiple scare factors and reasonable ticket price, we gave the Hallo-scream event 4.5 goosebumps out of five for a Terror-Full scare central.

The Basics: The Haunted Trials of Terror is located at 336 County Road 590 in Hanceville.  The attraction is open on weekdays from 7-10 p.m., and weekends from 7 p.m. until midnight. This attraction will stay open until November 2, and on it’s final night the trails are bringing in local musical group to finish off the haunting season with a bang.

For more information, visit Haunted Trails of Terror 2013 on Facebook.

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