- Cullman, Alabama


November 29, 2012

IPad and beyond: a tablet gift guide



But underneath all that beats the heart of a Windows personal computer, especially when you add its optional, $130 Type Cover keyboard and use its built-in versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Maybe it's best thought of as a stripped-down PC with extra tablet features thrown in.

Finally, while multifunction color tablets get all the attention these days, there's still a place for the humble monochrome e-reader among, well, readers. The class of the field here is Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite ($119-$199), which uses a built-in light, improved contrast and higher resolution to create a more book-like experience, even in a dark room.

The Kindle Paperwhite gives you access to the best selection of e-books, extras like the Lending Library for Prime members and eight weeks of battery life between charges. Splurge for the $179 ($199 without ads) model, with its free lifetime 3G service, and your recipients will silently thank you every time they're stuck on an airport tarmac.

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