- Cullman, Alabama


August 18, 2009

The Foundry Farm

HOLLY POND — HOLLY POND — Located just outside of Cullman is a place of refuge for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The Foundry Farm is an 80 acre farm just east of town located off Highway 278. It will serve as an induction center for men waiting to transition to The Foundry’s main campus in Bessemer.

Bill Heintz, executive director of The Foundry and The Foundry Farm said he knows first hand the troubles with addiction.

“I’m a 30 year ex-drug addict,” Heintz said. “There is the opinion that once you are an addict, always an addict, but the Bible tells us different. I know my relationship with God has helped me stay on the straight and narrow.”

Heintz said he may not have overcome his addiction without the help of the Lord.

“I’m not saying you can’t do it without God,” he said. “But faith-based in my opinion is the best way.”

Heintz, known as Pastor Bill to everyone at The Foundry, said this is what he is supposed to be doing.

“It has been an incredible journey to see what God has done,” Heintz said. “When you understand the magnitude of the drug problem, that ‘s a drop in the bucket.”

The Foundry bought the farm about a year ago and has just recently moved residents in.

By buying the farm, Heintz hopes to impact even more people.

“We realized this was going to be a benefit to a person’s recovery,” he said.

Heintz likes the solitude of the farm life and the individual time he gets to spend with the men.

“I get to come up here and get more one-on-one time with each resident,” he said.

The resident’s daily routine includes waking up to chores and maintaining the farm. Some men cut grass, others maintain the garden and others do household chores.

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