- Cullman, Alabama


December 24, 2013

Letters to Santa: Cullman children share their Christmas lists


Dear Santa,

My name is Adriana Young, 6, and I am in Mrs. Curtis's class @ Cold Springs School. I have been very good. I love Christmas and would love to have Hello Kitty Phone. I love Hello Kitty and would like to have the Hello Kitty Texter so I can text my friends. I want docmcsttuffings kit. I want a light play toy car that you can ride in. I want a Barbie Bike. I want some Barbie movies. I want a sherk movie and new ballerina shoes. I love you Santa and hope all my friends and family have a Merry Christmas. I would love to have some shoes, clothes, books, and games. I love surprises. Merry Christmas!Thank you!

Your Friend, Adrianna Young

Dear Santa,

My name is Taylor Brasher,

I have been good. I would love to have a Barbie for Christmas. I want a puppy and an easy -bake oven. I need a flashlight, some clothes, some shoes, toys, and surprises. I love candy and games. I love you! I hope everyt!ne has a Merry Christmas!!!

Love always, Taylor Brasher

Dear Santa Clause,

I am in First Grade. I have been a good girl. I love Christmas and winter. Please bring me an Easy bake Oven, clothes for my Barbie doll. Please bring me some surprises. I love books, toys, games, dolls, and candy. Please bring me some new clothes and lots of Goodies. I love you! Merry Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! :)

Your Friend, Alaina Gorse

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a puppy and a truck. I would love to have some games, and toys to play with. I want some clothes. Thank you Santa! Merry Christmas!

Austin Nichols

Penny Collins’ first-grade class at Cold Springs Elementary:

Dear Santa,

I want a PlayStation 3 for Christmas. Christmas is very fun. I want a Call Of Duty Black Ops game.

Trey Bailey

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