- Cullman, Alabama


December 24, 2013

Letters to Santa: Cullman children share their Christmas lists

Patricia Brown’s second-grade class at Hanceville Elementary:

Dear Santa,

I lov christmas! How are your raindeer? I really want a noiseputty,xbox, and compuerter. Please bring it to me! I like your elvs they are cute. ps I leaving out milk and cookies for you, yours truly

Haylee Miller


Dear santa,

how are you and roodoff doing i can't whant intill crimase. first i whant a ipod, a rill puppy, a lunch box, a crayon box, some candy a phone, a computer. please get all of this stuff thank you, love

Pheonix Sapp


Dear Santa,

What i want for christmas is very specil just if you can will you bring me a ipod and some baby doll suff and comics and books and shirts and pants and shorts tanktops and its just if you can bring me that stuff. Love

Katie Anabel twilley


Dear Santa,

i wold like a mermay tell and a bike and a little turtle 2 cats and a hello kitty stuffed animal and a stuffed bear. i love you santa,

kasadi hall


Dear Santa,

I hop you had a goodyaer. I waot a dret bike and a xbox 360 and comics. love

Braxton Lambert


Dear Santa,

what i want for christmas is ipod, crayonmacker, puppy, playdow, pink Dsi. how was your day santa is it fun in the north pole am i on the good list or naty list. So i love christmas so so much i want xbox 1 soso bad ear Phones Love

Carsyn Blankenship


Dear Santa,

for christmas i want a rif ful and a flicker and a 3Ds games and a new bike and a satburd and a durtbike and toys and a ipad and a toy mostrturk and a rap for my skiburd a new toy plan. thanks

Brodie Anderton


Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs.clarss, elfs and your ranidees. you and Mrs. clarss are the best poeple in the world, I want a DS in 3D. I want a flat sceen tv. i want a elf on a shelf. i want a bike red one. I want a lite green phone. ps love

Benjamin Woodruff+


Dear Santa,

i want a Amrican baby doll. I want a Amrican brother and sister. I want Osbertbook and Osbert doll. I want a Dora saves the snow prinices movie. I want a kids fourwiller blue i want a bik that has a horn on it. I want a notebook. Have a merry christmas Love



Brenda Parrish’s first-grade class at Welti Elementary:

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