- Cullman, Alabama


August 28, 2007

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum


A book for sale in the museum, “The Lightning Mule Brigade -- Abel Streight's 1863 Raid into Alabama” gives some insight into what happened at Crooked Creek with this personal account by a Sergeant from the 3rd Ohio Union Calvary:

“After sundown we came to Crooked Creek, the crossing of which was found tedious owing to the delay in doing so to allow the thirsty animals to drink. The enemy pressed us severely, and came near cutting off the Third Ohio, which was bringing up the rear. After crossing, Colonel Hathaway took the Seventy-third into position, where it dismounted, formed into line, advanced a short distance, anks, stopping them long enough for the Third Ohio to cross.”

And in another passage one of the Confederate soldiers writes about the Battle of Hog Mountain, two miles past Crooked Creek:

“The pine trees were very tall, and the darkness of their shade was intense, the mountain where the enemy was posted was steep, and as we charged again and again, under Forrest's own lead it was a grand spectacle. It seemed that the fires which blazed from their muskets were almost long enough to reach our faces. There was one advantage in being below them; they often fired above our heads in the darkness.”

Inside the museum, Wise knows the details of each and every item displayed, which includes a rare 1863 cooking pot, unit insignias, an authentic 1862 Allegheny Arsenal saddle as well as other Civil War saddles; a Confederate Lorenz-Jager .72 carbine modified by Indians and other weapons. Wise has unearthed bullets, a brass cannon ball, belt buckles and other artifacts on his property. "I sold some of my collection when funds got low, but when I opened the museum, I bought most of it back and some was available for display. I've had other Civil War collectors donate cherished items, just so they know it'll be preserved and shared with others at the museum," Wise said.

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