- Cullman, Alabama

December 13, 2013

Tooth fairy pillows donated to CRMC pediatric wing


CULLMAN — Amanda Lopez knows how it is to have small children admitted as a patient and how frightening it can be for the little one. During the time that both of her children were patients, they received a small stuffed teddy bear. “They didn’t necessarily feel any better after receiving the bear,” commented Lopez, “but it was comforting to them and helped make their hospital stay a little less scary.” Lopez wanted to do something similar this Christmas Season in the hopes of making a child’s stay a little more comforting so she decided to make tooth fairy pillows. Each pillow is shaped like a tooth with a face on the front and a pocket on the back for the child to put their tooth in for when the tooth fairy comes to visit. Lopez indicated that she originally made the tooth fairy pillows because her nephew was scared of losing his first tooth; she made the tooth fairy pillow and gave it to him so it would be something to get his mind of actually losing a tooth.

“What a wonderful idea,” stated Becky Bussey, RN, 3-West. “We always have a need for items such as this to give to little ones, especially this time of year.” “What a wonderful, selfless act,” commented Robbie Riddle, director of the third-floor units, “The children will just love getting these and will look forward to their next loose tooth.”