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City Schools Menus

March 14, 2012

Cullman City Schools lunch menus

Here is a list of city school lunch menus for the week of March 19-23:

Cullman High

(Grilled chicken salad and salad bar offered each day; potato bar offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; individual pizzas offered Wednesdays and Fridays)

‰ Monday: Hotdog, pizza, kraut, baked beans, corn, Hot Pocket 

‰ Tuesday: Stir fry, pizza, broccoli, chicken quesadilla

‰ Wednesday: Chick filet sandwich, pizza, broccoli/cheese, pasta salad, green beans

‰ Thursday: Fajitas/flour tortilla, fiestada, pinto beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cheesestick

‰ Friday: Fish sandwich, pizza, cheesestick, corn-on-cob, blackeye peas, slaw, spicy chicken sandwich

Cullman Middle

(Loaded baked potatoes are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as an alternate lunch choice)

‰ Monday: Barbecue sandwich, fries, fruit or salad, cookie

‰ Tuesday: Corndog or cheeseburger, Italian vegetables, fruit or salad

‰ Wednesday: Spicy chicken or chick filet sandwich, baby potatoes, fruit or salad, apple crisp

‰ Thursday: Hotdog, corn, fruit or salad, cookie

‰ Friday: Beef nachos or fish nuggets, pintos, fruit or salad, cookie

East Elementary

‰ Monday: Beef nachos or steak nuggets, corn, fruit or salad, brownie

‰ Tuesday: Ham or sausage, eggs, baked apples, fruit or juice, biscuit

‰ Wednesday: Grilled cheese sandwich or ham/cheese melt, vegetable soup, fruit or salad, dill spear

‰ Thursday: Spaghetti or steak nuggets, green beans, fruit or salad, breadstick

‰ Friday: Cheeseburger or hotdog, tater tots, fruit or salad

West Elementary

‰ Monday: Chicken- or fish sandwich, sweet potatoes, fruit or salad

‰ Tuesday: Chicken dumplings or egg roll, green beans, fruit or salad

‰ Wednesday: Hamburger or barbecue sandwich, corn nuggets, fruit or salad

‰ Thursday: Meatloaf or corndog, blackeye peas, sherbet, fruit or salad

‰ Friday: Pizza or burrito, lima beans, fruit or salad

Cullman City Primary

‰ Monday: Chicken patty sandwich, yam patty, fresh fruit, chips

‰ Tuesday: Corndog, pinto beans, tater tots, fruit

‰ Wednesday: Fish nuggets, cole slaw, baked beans, fruit fruit, roll

‰ Thursday: Chili, crackers, whole wheat breadstick, cheese, carrots, fruit

‰ Friday: Mexican pizza, steamed broccoli, sliced peaches

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