- Cullman, Alabama

April 20, 2011

Words Escape Me by Ryan Bonham

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Ryan Bonham

Senior Cold Springs High School

Words escape me in these times

Have no thoughts for notes or rhymes

And shall not have to till the seed

Of blackened hearts inept with greed.

Or hear the wicked tales of crimes

Or things the poor have done for dimes

No, not within my solitude

Can I think of words for rhymes.

Perhaps, if I could clear my mind

And have no species, type, or kind

I could clearly see what seems

To be a race immersed in dreams.

The human man (a lovely thing)

Knows not the damage he could bring

His times of good that have been shown

Cannot change what’s set in stone.

He bows to none, and since his birth

Has harmed his mother, her lady Earth.

But before his time is done,

Lady Earth shall ask her son.

“My child, why hast thou hurt me so?

And filled my space with hate and woe?”

To this, our kind shall not reply

Therefore our mother has us die.

She’ll flood us with a mother’s tears

That wash away our hateful years.

And bring about an Earth anew

Witnessed by those precious few.

O’ what a man like I would give

To say, “I lived,” and not, “I live”

Beyond my death and noise of time

I pray that there I’ll made a rhyme.