- Cullman, Alabama

April 20, 2011

Preparation by Tyler Hankey

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Tyler Hankey

Fairview High School



During any course of study a test is required. Studying for this “test” is important, but studying is something that takes patience and the will to do ones best. Sometimes it requires late night studying. To begin ones quest you'll need to do several things to achieve the knowledge to take a test.

First of all, you'll need to clear a spot do your studying whether its on the floor or at some shape or form of a table. Afterward,I would lay my materials I was using to study with down on that spot.  The next part is the hardest part for some people, getting started. Normal materials would include the following: Text book, notes, and study guide.

With the text book,I would do the study guide first. With the study guide finished you have some guide to what is important or on the test.  Next, take the study and set it aside and look over your notes and  read the chapter or chapters the test is being based on.

The most important thing would be taking a break. A break helps relax the mind and rest the eyes. During the break eat something, that way you do not stop studying in the middle of what your doing to get something to eat. Along with eating, finishing daily task, and extracurricular activities helps with studying.

After the break, finish studying is the next part. Sleep is important to studying, it allows the brain to rest and recover. This how studying is done. Takes time and the will to do. In the end studying is worth the time. It allows us to know how or what and increases memorization. This is why studying is important to everyday life. Studying and schooling are never going away there always going to be here and this is why its important to study.