- Cullman, Alabama


April 20, 2011

Teaching Another Student by Sarah Elllenburg

CULLMAN — Sarah Ellenburg

Fairview High School

Teaching another Student

Being a teacher can be rewarding at times. In the eighth grade I was given the part of teaching a younger student how to use Microsoft word on the computer. My teacher told me to teach him how to change the font color, the font size, and to type efficiently. The student was not able to learn to write well; therefore, he would have to learn how to use the computer.

During the first day the student was very shy, because we had never met before. By the end of the hour he had got more comfortable, and learned how to change the color of the font fairly well. I felt comfortable with what I had taught him, because he seemed to like and feel comfortable around me.

Then by the end of the month I would write sentences for him to type, then change color and size of the font. He would repeat the sentences several times to practice typing. The next week he learned how to change the font size very well.

Next he eventually got to where he could type the pretty descent. Then I put him on a web site that had typing games. After a week or two of the typing games he got excited because his done well on typing. By him being excited it made me happy to see him learning.

By the end of the semester he had learned to change to font color, the font size, and type efficiently. Then I had realized that I was going to miss teaching him, because I spent an hour every day teaching him for a whole semester. I asked my teacher what was going to happen and he said that someone else was going to be teaching him for the rest of the year. I was glad to teach him for the semester and felt rewarded in way.


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