- Cullman, Alabama


April 20, 2011

My Football Rituals by Spencer Byrd

CULLMAN — Spencer Byrd

Fairview High School

My Football Rituals


My rituals start on Thursday before a game when we do a walk through.  I start my rituals when we do what we call noose, pat and go.  When the first ball is thrown to me I catch it one handed.  Then I do everything else like everyone else does unless someone has their own rituals.  Next we get in our stretching lines; Michael Rodriguez and I swap our left hand gloves and wear it like that for the rest of practice.  But this next year I will have to do it with someone else.

Next I grab the kick off tee and we do special teams, when we kickoff and punt I go catch the ball.  Then I go get the extra point block and get all the balls set up for field goals.  At the end of practice the entire football team goes down to the creek, I am always the last one up the hill from the creek.  Later after football practice some of the football players go the Guthrie’s to eat.

On Friday, we stay after school, sleep in the auditorium and eat the suppers together, in the old lunchroom.  By then it is time to get ready for the game.  I wear two high Nike socks and ankle braces.  Cory Hampton helps me put my jersey on over my shoulder pads.  Before we leave the field house we gather and have prayer.

After the game my parents are always waiting on me at the fence as I come off the field and I hug them.  Then I go to the field house to get a shower and get ready to go home.  My parents always go and get me something to eat and have it waiting on me when I get home, usually from Burger King.

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