- Cullman, Alabama

April 20, 2011

My First Baseball Game by Kimberly Gonzalez

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Kimberly Gonzalez

Fairview High School

My First Baseball Game

Most people, young or old, have had a chance to go to a baseball, football, or soccer stadium at one point in their life. I know that maybe some don't have the opportunity and can't go, but they should for it is a wonderful and sometimes not wonderful experience.  I remember my first baseball game at the Atlanta Braves Stadium in 2003 when I was about nine years old; I took pictures with my family, waited for my snacks while feeling the adrenaline, and watched the game with joy.

Arriving at the stadium was exciting for my sister and I because we had always passed by there and had never thought that we would get the chance to actually  step inside.  I used to live in Carrollton, Georgia and the Braves Stadium was just about 45 minutes away; after my dad had told us that he had ordered tickets for the game my sister and me just started to jump with excitement.  My mother had brought the camera and she told us to get in front of these big baseball statues that were at the entrance.  She asked someone that was there to take us all a picture; after that my sister and I  made about ten poses with the baseball statues.

The concession stand had a long line but it was worth the wait because what is a baseball game without snacks?  So we stood there waiting for a while and then I saw the foam fingers which I had always wanted to have.  Of course I had gotten one after trying to convince my dad that it was a neccessitie, which didn't take long because he wanted us to have fun.  The whole time we were waiting in the line and just making time I could not help but to jsut look at all the people and observe their families; everyone looked so happy just to be there.   

Finally, it was time for the game to begin and we went to our seats which were in the middle section.  The Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians were the ones playing that day.  There was the big screen that would have funny images of each team mascot; I remember when that screen would have the Cleveland Indians ax and everyone in the stadium would make the indian's chant and moving their arms up and down in slow motion. The game was won by the Atlant Braves and my father was so happy he was jumping with excitement like I had.  I don't remeber exactly how they played, but that it was an amazing experience.

Attending any kind of game at a stadium with your family or friends is something that should be done.  The rush and adrenaline you feel when you're at the stadium is amazing because it is an experience that will never be forgotten.  The championship baseball game will always remain in my memories.