- Cullman, Alabama

April 20, 2011

Personal Ritual by Kayla Willingham

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — Kayla Willingham

Fairview High School

Personal Ritual

My personal ritual is that when I have a vocabulary test I will make note card to help me study for it. It’s not really my ritual it’s more like me and my moms. The steps that I take are making the note cards, studying the note cards, and then re-studying them.

The first step that I take is that I will write the vocabulary word on the blank side of the note card. Then the side with the lines I will write the definition. Then while I’m at school during my free time I will study them trying to learn as much as I can before I get home. It is best to study them in your free time so you don’t get in trouble by your teachers for not doing your work.

The second step is that when I get home my mom will go threw the note cards with me. The cards that I get right she will put in a stack. The cards I get wrong she will put in another stack. It very important to separate the ones you know from the ones you don’t know.

The third step is that the cards that I got wrong I pick them up and study them again till I feel like I know them better than what I did. My mom then picks up the wrong ones and goes threw them with me again and then again separating the ones I know from the one that I don’t know. We will repeat the second and third step until I get all of them right.

This helps dramatically with studying for a vocabulary test. It doesn’t matter what kind of vocabulary test that you have to study for. I have been doing this for my junior year now and it has helped me excel in my vocabulary tests. I have actually used this technique in studying for the graduation exam and yes, I did pass it. It also made the test seem real easy since I did that then the first time that I took it.