- Cullman, Alabama


April 20, 2011

Changing Places by Vincent Mami

CULLMAN — Vincent Mami

Fairview High School

Changing Places


People talk about having gone to the same school their whole lives or knowing the same people year after year.  It has always made me laugh at how so man people just learn to assume that everyone stays in the same place until they move out of their parents’ house.  What about the other half though? What about the half that moves almost every year and is shocked to stay in one place for more then a year? Well I’m from that half and while there are definitely perks to getting to move around a lot I’m not sure if there are more perks then there are flaws. Well I wasn’t until we moved one last time, this time for good.

I remember getting the news that we were moving like it was yesterday.  I was a perky eight grader who was excited for his freshman year in high school when my mom told me we were moving.  Normally I’d just go home and pack, I mean it wasn’t the first time we had moved but we had lived in New York for seven years.  I had friends and I did not want to move again, especially when she told me where we were moving.  Don’t get me wrong I loved visiting the south but moving there?  That seemed like torture, especially for someone like me who detested hot weather with a passion.

I’m getting off subject.  So anyway, I was not happy about moving.  Unfortunately I was only 14 years old, what choice did I have? No choice what so ever. So being a good little kid I went home and packed, yeah right. Actually I did something totally different, I avoided packing like a kid with a perfect attendance avoids the flu or a star football player avoids getting tackled.  Eventually though my defenses gave way and I packed my bags for the worse move of my life.  It wasn’t so much that we were moving to Alabama, which is not a overly bragged about state in New York, but more for the fact that I was leaving everything I loved behind me.  Ok so I had my family, but what 14 year old boy considers that a good thing?  Not me that’s for sure.

Things didn’t get better anytime soon after the move either.  I mean, yeah I could tan in a minute if I wanted to but I lived in the middle of no where and I lived next to a preacher.  Ok, in Alabama this isn’t too bad but for a Yankee like myself was sheer torture.  I had a month or so before school started too.  It was like I had hit the bottom of the hole and all I could do was sit there or something.

Like the saying goes, once you hit the bottom the one way to go is up.  That’s what I did too, school started and slowly I started to make friends again.  Everything seemed to be fitting back into place again, well except for one thing but that’s for another time.  All in all, moving for this last time wasn’t too bad even though it sucked at first.  Even though I love my new friends and everything something is still missing, I may have friends but I’m not in my home anymore.  Eventually I shall return though.

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