- Cullman, Alabama


September 6, 2012

Recognizing a leader

CULLMAN — The Cullman Economic Development Agency has a long record of success in steering new industries to the area, and  assisting with expansions.

Even when the economy was struggling through the worst moments of the Great Recession, Cullman held up admirably well. The city’s commitment to maintaining an economic development team through the years paid off then, and continues to do so today.

Led by Peggy Smith, the economic development agency enjoyed a great year of success in 2011, which is continuing through the current year. For those efforts, Smith has been recognized by the North Alabama Industrial Development Association as winner of its prestigious President’s Award.

The award is no small matter. The economic development field is highly competitive and requires a great deal of attention to detail and building relationships. Knowing your community’s strengths and political climate are important to the recruiter’s success, as well.

NAIDA President Tate Godfrey noted Smith is among the best in her field and stands as a trendsetter across the state in recent years.

Smith, while thankful and honored by the recognition, was quick to divert her praise to the economic development staff and the support of local officials and the community. Those are not just words of humility — she has always recognized those she works alongside as well as the wider network of local support.

Nonetheless, earning the state’s recognition for bringing job growth and a higher standard of living to the area is a tremendous honor. City council member Jenny Folsom noted that while Smith is quick to give credit to her team, “she is the one who leads that team.”

Those are good points from all sides. Peggy Smith earned the award because of her belief in the Cullman area’s vast potential. Having a team of individuals who work for the growth and future of the community is a tremendous plus for all of Cullman County.

Exciting opportunities continue to appear on Cullman’s horizon because of the commitment that exists here for maintaining a full time economic team. Recognizing the leadership that guides the operation is a deserving tribute to Smith and all of the individuals who daily see the value of the Cullman area.


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