- Cullman, Alabama


July 7, 2014

EDITORIAL: Judge makes the right decision

Many people are closely following the case of Jay Maynor, the man charged with murdering a man convicted of molesting his daughter 12 years ago.

Maynor is accused of shooting registered sex offender Raymond Earl Brooks at the home he shared with his parents on the night of June 8. Minutes before that incident, Maynor was also accused of shooting at a young man outside a convenience store in Berlin. When that shot was fired, people were inside the store and packed next door for a karaoke party. Fortunately, no one was harmed in that incident.

In the weeks since the shootings occurred, many people have rallied to support Maynor. Perhaps many people believe the shooting was justified because of the past molestation. Maynor’s attorney, Tommy Drake, says more information will come out regarding why the shooting took place after 12 years.

But for now, there is a lot of unknown in this case. Some supporters of Maynor have been critical of Circuit Judge Greg Nicholas for not changing the accused man’s bond so that he could be free while awaiting trial. Nonetheless, the judge was faced with more than a single issue where Maynor is concerned.

To this day, no one is completely certain of why he fired at the man outside the convenience store. Witnesses say he also entered the store with a gun in his hand after firing the shot. The situation was horrifying for many people at the scene who were going about the routines in their lives.

The judicial process will determine guilt or innocence at some point. Keeping Maynor under a cash bond was a reasonable action by the court because he is accused of endangering the lives of many people when he fired the shot at the convenience store. The shot struck the window and lodged into the frame. A slightly different angle could have meant tragedy for an innocent person inside. This allegation against Maynor appears to have no relation to the shooting death minutes later.

Leaving Maynor incarcerated at this time was a reasonable decision by the court. The accused will have his time in court soon enough to argue guilt or innocence.

No matter how anyone may feel about the death of a registered sex offender, the information available in this case shows that the judge has acted responsibly for the public in keeping the cash bond in place.

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