- Cullman, Alabama


April 6, 2014

EDITORIAL: Gaining a lifetime of success

The arguments for a deeper investment in the arts for public school children are overwhelmingly favorable. The money is simply not following the logic.

A variety of studies and assessments about art and music show that students gain valuable advantages with cognitive, social-emotional, and sensori-motor outcomes. Art is an outstanding tool for teaching not only developmental skills, but also academic subjects such as math, science, and literacy. The most effective learning takes place when children do something related to the topic they are learning. When children study any given concept, they learn it better and retain it longer if they do an art activity that reinforces that learning.

The arrival of the New York Theatre Ballet today at Wallace State Community will open the door to a world of imagination, talent and creativity that many in this area have never witnessed.

Performing “Cinderella & Other Stories,” members of the NYTB will unveil an extraordinary level of talent and ability that are founded in an early exposure to the arts. And the good news, what you witness is attainable, on many levels, for a wide range of young people in Cullman County.

The Cullman Ballet Society with the support of Wallace State and the Alabama Council for the Arts is responsible for making this performance possible today. And along with the performance comes an opportunity for local dancers to show their inspiring talent.

Today’s presentation at Wallace State will provide those in attendance with some of the brightest, most intelligent talent from near and far. Many of these dancers are outstanding students and have engaged themselves in the art. Now they are coming to the stage for a grand performance. And then they will move to an even greater stage in life, equipped with critical thinking skills, creativity and broadened outlooks on the world around them. They will be leaders here and elsewhere in the future. With a greater investment in the arts, both locally and across the state, public education would begin to produce healthier numbers where graduation and achievement are concerned.

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