- Cullman, Alabama


November 20, 2013

Making Cullman a holiday destination

CULLMAN — The plans unfolding for Celebrate Christmas in downtown Cullman offer the right blend of entertainment and shopping opportunities for an exciting evening.

Sponsored by Cullman Downtown Merchants Association, the event will no doubt provide a surge of shopping just ahead of Christmas for the merchants who choose to remain open. The activities get under way at 4 p.m. on Dec. 6 and will include a nighttime Christmas parade, live reindeer and a winter wonderland as well as other activities for families to enjoy.

The focus of the merchants association is to remind local and regional shoppers that Cullman has a unique lineup of shops in a beautiful historical setting. For holiday shoppers, nothing is more nostalgic than strolling the streets of an old downtown, taking in the decorations and enjoying the shopping experience.

Events like the one planned Dec. 6 are what establish communities as regional destinations. Planning fun, colorful activities for local shoppers and visitors will keep people coming back to Cullman, whether it’s holiday season or not.

The merchants association has put together an excellent plan to draw attention to the Cullman area with this event. With good weather, the crowd should be outstanding.

The success and support for this event will determine what happens in the future during the holidays. The plan for Dec. 6 is certainly on target for making Cullman a holiday season destination.


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