- Cullman, Alabama


October 11, 2012

Let the music play

CULLMAN — The budding idea of establishing a major music event in Cullman bloomed in a large way Tuesday night.

Country music superstar Sara Evans appeared in Cullman at Windham Farm, where she treated a crowd to a concert featuring many of her hit songs. Her husband, former Alabama starting quarterback Jay Barker, was also on hand to discuss the idea of hosting an annual music event in Cullman.

The idea is that Evans would serve as the centerpiece host each year. The event would showcase musical talent from Alabama and a few guest stars in the country music business.

What this means for Cullman is national exposure. Evans is a mega-talented star in country music, and has plenty of crossover fans who enjoy other forms of popular music. Barker and Evans, who live in the Birmingham area and have become familiar with Cullman, are interested in establishing a legacy-type event here.

Cullman easily hosted the successful Rock the South event, which drew more than 14,000 people. Music promoter Shane Quick, who lives here and puts on shows across the country, is solidly behind the idea and noted it has been one of his dreams to establish a major event for Cullman.

What’s left to accomplish to make this event possible? Finding commitments from sponsors is on the top of the list. The city of Cullman already has the facilities in place for the show with Heritage Park. And the city is committed to doing everything possible to make the event happen.

Establishing an annual concert with Sara Evans would be a tremendous turning point in Cullman. The setting is perfect for a country music showcase. With the city’s excellent location between Birmingham and Nashville, the crowds would be tremendous and open up lucrative business opportunities.

The most important point is that Sara Evans and Jay Barker have clearly stated that Cullman is where they would like to establish the annual concert. Attaching their names and participation in such an event is a tremendous gift for the area. Sponsorships are important from this point forward. The potential for everyone involved or interested in this project is huge. Moving forward with establishing long-term sponsors shouldn’t be a terribly difficult task. Cullman sits at a great crossroads into the deep south. The crowds will come, a point that was clearly established last spring with Rock the South.

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