- Cullman, Alabama

September 29, 2013

Recognizing responders

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — What would life be like without highly trained responders in place throughout the community?

Fire fighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and police officers play a wide range of roles in our daily lives. We often see them at the scene of automobile wrecks or battling fires at a neighbor’s home.

Cullman Fire Rescue recently received the Life Safety Achievement Award for its efforts to serve the community. The local unit is one of only five in the state to receive the award for 2012, and among 117 across the nation.

What many people don’t see is the efforts that we may not see on the streets. The training necessary to save an injured person or to extinguish a deadly blaze takes countless hours and then on-the-job experience.

A large part of fire and rescue workers’ mission is to educate the public about safety. How to prevent fires and avoid injury when using fire are important to everyone. Law enforcement officers also spend a great deal of time working with young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. They mentor children in the schools and convey the value of obeying society’s rules, which include respecting the lives and property of others.

The responders in our community are often visible answering emergency calls and handling tense situations. Many lives are saved because of their training and efforts.

Placing a monetary value on highly trained responders is impossible. We often take for granted that we have fire fighters, police officers and medical responders. Thankfully, those operations have been well funded in Cullman County.

A large portion of a community’s quality of life is based on having effective medical, fire and police departments that both provide education and action. That’s largely the case here and those agencies should continue to have the kind of funding that keeps them a vital part of daily life in Cullman County.