- Cullman, Alabama


May 28, 2013

A good job in Vinemont

CULLMAN — The town of South Vinemont overnight has become a destination in the world of recreation.

After years of quietly building a recreational complex, without running up debt, the town recently opened its new showplace for business. The complex is now one busy place, with local and out-of-town teams using the facilities regularly.

Mayor Melba Patton and the town’s council decided years ago that the sports complex would be beneficial, but not at the price of borrowing money. Using various grants and available local funds, the town’s leaders put together a plan that was lengthy, but worthwhile.

Since its opening last month, the complex has become an overflow field for USSSA travel baseball and softball participating in tournaments at Heritage Park in Cullman on weekends. Vinemont public works official Mike Graves estimates the financial impact on the community has reached $130,000-$140,000. The trend appears to be set for the summer, and the future.

The South Vinemont sports complex is not only providing hours of enjoyment for local residents and visitors, it is also providing the town some needed attention. Nestled on U.S. Highway 31, the town sees a lot of traffic each day. The ballfields are providing more people a reason to stop in the town and spend some dollars, which is promising for local businesses and sales tax collections.

The decision by South Vinemont elected leaders to invest in the sports complex is proving to be solid. Even more encouraging is these leader developed the facilities without borrowing money and running up debt. This is a job well done by a local government.

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