- Cullman, Alabama

April 3, 2014

EDITORIAL: Above and beyond

The Cullman Times

CULLMAN — The announcement of the annual Distinguished Citizen and Unsung Heroes recipients by The Cullman Times has revealed another lineup of caring people who go the extra mile in building a better local community.

Each individual had a unique story. Each submission came from others in the community who see these individuals quietly go about making Cullman County a rewarding place to live and raise a family.

Distinguished Citizen recipient Dale Greer is typically in the spotlight because of his role with the City of Cullman’s economic development team. His work to convince local officials that the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame is a world-class attraction for the area paid off for the entire area. Soon we will see the tourist destination come to life, accompanied by a city civic center that will make conventions and a constant flow of business possible for Cullman County. And this will be new business and the foundation for many spinoff businesses, new employment, and national and international recognition.

On the other side of the awards are the Unsung Heroes. They are the individuals who take a very personal approach to building a strong community. They buy groceries for needy individuals, help those struggling with physical or mental challenges move forward in their lives. They work to preserve local history and reach out in many different ways to make sure that the needs of people are met on small or large scales.

While these individuals are not seeking recognition, the spirit of what they do for the community deserves to be spotlighted, if for no other reason than to inspire others to swing into action. Anyone with the desire to help another person or to work toward the improvement of a local community can do so.

Simply review what these individuals do every day. Look at the effort of this year’s Distinguished Citizen. These residents went above and beyond the call of duty. They placed service above self and brought hope and recognizable assistance to many of our neighbors in need.