- Cullman, Alabama


January 14, 2014

Recognizing Unsung Heroes

CULLMAN — When someone notes that Cullman County is a great community, what are they really saying?

Are they talking about the architectural beauty of the downtown? Perhaps the education system or the economic development ability of local governments?

All of those qualities contribute to a great community. But behind all the compliments stands people.

What really makes Cullman County a recognizable and desirable place to live has long been the people who roll up their sleeves and do the type of things that create a better community.

Each year The Cullman Times solicits nominations for the community’s Unsung Heroes. The annual promotion is not an effort to praise politicians or other public officials. We’re looking for the people who quietly make a difference in the life of others by working tirelessly to provide kindness, food, clothing or encouragement through organizations, churches or simply from the good will of their hearts.

An Unsung Hero is a person who seeks to help others and create a caring community without seeking publicity or praise. This person has a heart of service and charity and is driven by compassion.

Who do you know that fits such a description? Someone in your neighborhood or church? A volunteer with a nonprofit agency? Someone who helps young people through sports or mentoring?

Send your nominations to us. In less than two months The Times will host a luncheon and thank those who make our community a better place to live. We believe in this spirit of community building. Help us find those who live with compassion for others each day. Join us in letting those folks know they are appreciated.


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