- Cullman, Alabama


December 29, 2013

Nothing to quack about in resolution

CULLMAN — How important is “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson to the future of Alabama?

Republican state Sen. Jerry Fielding of Sylacauga is so concerned about Robertson that he wants to introduce a resolution in the next session of Legislature to show support for the star. Really?

Robertson made some comments in a GQ magazine interview about sin and homosexuality that some people found offensive. Others saw nothing wrong with the Louisiana man’s comments and fully support or understand his views.

So what does it matter in Alabama? A reality TV show star talks morality and stirs a little controversy. Will this affect unemployment or business investments in Alabama? Will public education descend to new lows without a resolution defending Robertson?

With prisons overcrowded, the judicial system strained beyond capacity and lots of other stuff pending why would a lawmaker waste so much energy on behalf of a “Duck  Dynasty” star?

The show is delightful for many people to follow. The “Duck Dynasty” boys and their families are charming to some degree with their homespun wisdom and corny antics. But does anything so trivial really matter in the grim world of state politics?

Fielding’s proposed resolutions supporting Robertson is simply energy wasted on what amounts to nothing. Will this be the highlight of the senator’s efforts for the state of Alabama as an elected servant of the people? Does he have anything in mind that perhaps would lead the state forward?

Let us all hope that such passion and thought carries into something meaningful when the legislative sessions comes to order.

Alabama is a state that has long held great promise, great potential. The political leadership has often been the negative force that holds this state back. With a clear Republican majority sitting in power, this should be a time of accomplishment that sets the state on a path of prosperity for years to come. Worrying about the quacking of a TV reality star is just a waste of energy and brain power.

Hopefully, lawmakers will ignore this resolution and focus on what matters for Alabama.

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