By Tiffany Green


The four way stop at the intersection of Welcome Road and Wesley Ave. in Fairview is now operating.

“The construction should be complete today (Friday) and it will be open,” Mayor Randall Shedd said. “We hope it works out well.”

The intersection has been the scene of numerous accidents in the past several years, with at least one death and one person paralyzed in the past year, council member Norman Dye said in a previous article.

The council has been discussing the matter for several months, trying to decide on what would be best for the town.

With the cost of putting a red light so high, the council opted for the more affordable four way stop.

There will be four stop signs, rumble strips and flashing lights on Wesley Ave. to warn drivers of the upcoming stop. The caution light will also be red now on all sides.

Shedd and the Fairview town council voted for the four way at the last meeting. They hope it will cut down on wrecks and traffic troubles at the intersection.

At the last council meeting, council member Eugene Pinkard said this will help save lives.

“If we can save one kid’s life, it is worth it,” Pinkard said.

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