Kenneth Kilgo likes the potential he sees when discussing the future of the town of West Point.

And that's why he's announced he will seek his second full term in office when voters head to the polls on Aug. 28.

"I'm running on our accomplishments and our vision for the future," Kilgo said.

According to the current mayor, the town has experienced the most dramatic economic development and growth in its history since being appointed to the mayor's seat in 2006.

"When I took office, the town's net worth or net asset value was $549,474.93," he said. "The audited financial statements for 2010 show the current net asset value of the town to be in excess of $1.4 million. We have almost tripled the town's 'bottom line' or net asset value through a series of quality of life improvements funded by grants brought in throughout federal, state, and local programs."

One thing he feels has benefited not only West Point, but Cullman County and the Cullman County School System as well, is the new sewer system. West Point received a 15-year fixed-rate capital improvements loan for approximately $159,000 in August of 2009. Currently the town owes $87,892.00, but last week the town council voted unanimously to pay it off in less than 3 years by paying $29,000 per month until the end of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

"This will leave the town totally debt free," Kilgo said.

In addition to the sewer system, Kilgo said the federal sidewalk project brought over $250,000 in upgrades to the community. He said the West Point Senior Center was also established. They recently coordinated with the Cullman County Commission on Aging to develop a homebound meal delivery program, not only in West Point, but for much of western Cullman County.

On the transportation front, Kilgo said he helped enhance the safety of the community, traveling public, and school children by partnering with the Alabama Department of Transportation to reduce the speed limit on Alabama Highway 157.

"We just entered into an agreement with ALDOT to put permanent 'speed zone' warning flashers on Highway 157 near the intersection with Jack's to further enhance safety," Kilgo said. "The signs should be in place by the time school busses start running again in August."

As far as the future of the town goes, Kilgo said the municipality just received land on Highway 157 from the state of Alabama, at no cost, to build a new municipal complex.

"We intend to start on that just as soon as we get our permitting required for Highway 157 access," Kilgo said.

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