Exactly one year ago, Hanceville mayor Kenneth Nail was scratching his head, perplexed at the final tally he’d just been given numbering his city’s population growth — or lack of it — in the 2010 Census.

“I wasn’t real happy with it,” he’d said last July, pledging to get in touch with Congressman Robert Aderholt (R—Haleyville) to see if, maybe, the count had been a little light.

Turns out, it was.

“The congressman must have made some phone calls and gotten some folks to look at how our city was counted,” Nail said Wednesday, “because I’m sitting here holding a letter that informs us that, according to the official Census record, the new, revised population count for Hanceville, as of April 1, is 3,096 people.”

That’s 145 more people living in Hanceville than 10 years ago, and 114 more than the original 2010 Census had asserted were living there now.

The corrected number marks a 10-year growth percentage in Hanceville of 4.9 percent — still below the 9.7 percent national average, but far more in keeping with local trends than the abysmal 1.1 percent erroneously reported in the original 2010 Census.

Thanks to state laws governing the way Cullman County’s municipalities receive population-based tax apportionments, the boost in Hanceville’s population will mean a corresponding boost in municipal revenues.

Exactly how much is hard to say; it’s a matter that’s governed by ever-changing sales tax revenues. But, according to the Cullman County sales tax enforcement office, Hanceville would have received almost $2,000 more than the $74,418 it took in for its April sales tax payout — had the new numbers been applied.

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See the full story in the July 6 print edition of The Cullman Times.

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