By Trent Moore

GARDEN CITY — Eleven-year-old Leighanna Langford got a chance to see local politics from the inside Tuesday.

The Garden City Elementary School sixth grader was chosen from a pool of approximately 30 other students to be the Mayor For A Day at Garden City for 2008.

Interested students were required to write an essay about the recent area drought, and give their thoughts on water conservation.

“I just love to write,” she said. “I wrote about how it would be with a drought, and about how to save water.”

Langford’s essay won the competition and gave her the opportunity to spend the entire day learning about the community, and sitting in the big chair.

“I really like it, ” she said of being the temporary mayor.

As part of the Mayor For A Day program, Langford got to tour the county jail, the economic development office, the Garden City volunteer fire department and the county courthouse, among other places.

“We’ve done everything today,” she said.

Langford said her favorite event was visiting the Cullman County Jail.

“We went to the jail and saw how they do everything, it was really educational,” she said. “We didn’t see any of the cells — but I didn’t want to see any of that. It was really cool to see how everything works.”

If actually presented with the chance to be mayor in the future, Langford said she wasn’t sure what she would do from the office.

“There are just so many things I could do as mayor,” she said. “It’d be hard to pick just one.”

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