When Bob Burns looks out over Folsom Field, the Cullman Airport manager sees progress in the making.

Folsom Field is currently receiving several renovations, including the construction of a 16-plane hangar at the southwest end of the runway.

But a new hangar isn’t the only construction that will be taking place at Folsom Field in the near future now that the process to repair a 72-inch pipe under the runway was put in motion at Monday night’s Cullman City Council meeting.

“We think this is going to help us grow,” Burns said. “At some point we would like to house around 100 planes here. This is the direction we need to go in to make that happen. We’re excited about all the changes taking place here.”

According to Burns, the 72-inch drainage pipe that runs under the north end of the runway has not been replaced since the construction of the runway. The drainage pipe connects the property that lies on the east and west ends of the airfield and prevents water from standing on the runway.

Also, at the north end of the runway, the asphalt above the pipe has sunk, causing the runway to dip.

Burns said the total estimated price to repair the pipe is approximately $130,000. The council approved an application for grant money.

According to Burns, FFA grants will cover 95 percent of the cost to repair the pipe, while the state will pick up 2.5 percent and the city of Cullman and Cullman County will split the remaining 2.5 percent.

The 16-plane hangar currently being built at Folsom Field is based on an effort to increase traffic at the airport. The airport currently has one eight-plane hangar, one open hangar that can house about 15 aircraft, three cooperate hangars and 56 tie-down spaces for aircraft on the runway ramp.

Unlike the airport’s current main hangar that houses 15 aircraft in an open bay, the new hangar was designed as a T-hangar. The T-hangar has 16 separate areas for different aircraft, with 16 doors and a bathroom. The eight-plane hangar at Cullman Airport is also a T-hangar.

Cullman Airport currently houses commercial traffic, AirEvac, Skydive America, Wallace State’s flight school and some police aircraft.

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